What is the trend of plant evolution?

From aquatic to terrestrial, from simple to complex, from low to high, etc. The trend of biological evolution is: from simple to complex, from low to high, from aquatic to terrestrial. In the process of studying biological evolution, an important method of studying biological evolution is the comparative method. The comparative method refers to comparing … Read more

Flowers and plants are silent, but they can heal the soul. In the mundane fireworks, we can unload our fatigue and reconcile with ourselves.

In this turbulent world, everyone is running for life, and being busy seems to have become our common label. However, in the spare time, I can always find a quiet corner, that is the time to be with flowers and plants. Although they can’t speak, they have the magical power to heal the soul, allowing … Read more

Each month has a flower that corresponds to the person born in that month. See what flower you are?

January] Plum blossom language: strong, proud, elegant. Born in January, you are like plum blossoms, born in ice and snow, grow up in the cold, independent and strong-willed. [February] Apricot blossom language: happiness, romance, freedom. Born in February, you are very similar to apricot blossoms. You are emotional, love and hate clearly, and frank. [March] … Read more

Birthday flowers and flower language for January to December

Birthday flowers for January are carnations or hydrangeas, and their flower language is passion, charm or hope; Birthday flowers for February are violets or apricot blossoms, and their flower language is loyalty, modesty or straightforwardness*; Birthday flowers for March are daffodils, and their flower language is affectionate and miss you*; Birthday flowers for April are … Read more

Are you a novice gardener and don’t know how to grow flowers? Here are 8 tips to help you get started quickly without making mistakes!

When a novice embarks on the road of flower cultivation, he often has no idea where to start. In fact, as long as you don’t take care of particularly delicate flowers, ordinary flowers and plants are relatively easy to take care of. Just pay attention to the basic needs such as light, temperature, water, soil … Read more

The life of a plant

There are five important processes in the growth cycle of plants: The role of plants in nature The emergence of green plants on the earth has promoted the development of the biological world. The entire animal world relies directly or indirectly on the plant world to survive and develop. The energy used by the life … Read more

3.5 billion years ago, blue algae were actually microorganisms! When did the earliest plants appear?

When it comes to the evolution of the earth, the cyanobacteria that appeared on the earth 3.5 billion years ago played a very important role in both the earth’s climate and the environment, and in life on the earth. The emergence of cyanobacteria changed the structure of the earth’s atmosphere, absorbing a large amount of … Read more