I have finally collected all the national flowers of each country! Eye-opener!

The national flower refers to the flower used by a country as a symbol of its own country. It symbolizes the spirit of national unity, enhances national cohesion, and reflects the love for the motherland and strong national feelings. China peony The peonies are blooming and are stunningly beautiful all over the world. U.K.Rose Russiasunflower … Read more


Carnation (scientific name: Dianthus ‘Carnation’): is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Caryophyllaceae family and the genus Dianthus, and is the general name for a variety of horticultural varieties of the genus Dianthus. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with a plant height of 70-100 cm and a semi-lignified base. The whole plant is covered … Read more

National Anti-Drug Awareness Month | Poppy or Poppy, can’t you tell the difference?

Beautiful poppy flower Poppy is a beautiful plant with green leaves, colorful flowers and graceful stems. In ancient Egypt, poppy was called the “sacred flower”. As we all know, the juice extracted from the poppy capsules can be processed into opium, morphine, and heroin. Since the drug-making function of poppy was discovered, the war between … Read more

Gesang flower

Gesang flower is also called Gesang meiduo. There is widespread controversy as to what kind of plant it is. In Tibetan, “Gelsang” means “good time” or “happiness”, and “Plum Blossom” means flower. Therefore, Kelsang flower is also called the flower of happiness. It has long been a symbol of the Tibetan people’s hope for happiness … Read more

Basic knowledge of the top ten flower types of peonies

Peony is known as the “national beauty and heavenly fragrance”, with rich colors and various flower types, including ten flower types. Including single-petal type, lotus type, chrysanthemum type, rose type, cinnamon type, crown type, golden ring type, hydrangea type, thousand-story pavilion type and building pavilion type. Each flower type has its own unique characteristics and … Read more

Indoor Foliage Repotting | Jianguo Flower Market “Arboriculture” 4-Step Repotting Tutorial, Plus Common Repotting Q&A

As a green thumb, do you know how to repot plants? Repotting is crucial for plants; regularly changing their pots can promote lush growth and upgrade the overall quality of your plants. In our upcoming edition, we’ve invited a popular booth from Jianguo Flower Market – Arboriculture, to teach you how to correctly repot indoor … Read more