The difference between space plants and ordinary plants

The differences between space plants and ordinary plants are mainly reflected in the following aspects:12 Growth environment: Space plants grow in space capsules, while ordinary plants grow on the surface of the earth. The environment in the space capsule is artificially controlled and is very different from the natural environment on earth. Gravity effect: Space … Read more

30% of the world’s trees are endangered! “State of the World’s Trees Report”

The importance of trees to the earth’s ecology is unquestionable, but for a long time, there have been no research results on the survival status of trees around the world. On September 1, Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) released a landmark “World Tree Status Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) to the world. The … Read more

Plant fossils

Plant fossils are a general term for all kinds of plant fossils. The earliest life in geological history was plants. The most primitive blue algae and fungi fossils were found in the Archean strata 3.5 billion years ago. The Archean and early Proterozoic were the era of primitive fungi and algae. The Proterozoic Middle Lang … Read more

Adaptation strategies of desert plants to drought

Plants in desert areas have experienced many vicissitudes on the earth. Through natural selection and survival of the fittest, they have formed the ability to adapt to special environmental conditions in the long-term evolutionary succession process, showing a variety of adaptation methods and characteristics to the desert environment. The general rules of desert plants adapting … Read more

Plants climbing the wall. Cute

2.Peony 3.Australian Hoya 4.Coral vine 5.Mary Hoya 6.Passionflower 7.Red-calyx vine 8.Venus flower 9.Climbing rose 10.Creeper 11.Goldfish vine 12.Clematis 13.Rose 14.Wisteria 15.Bougainvillea 16.Firecracker Flower 17.Cercidiphyllum 18.Morning Glory 19.Garlic Vine 20.Honeysuckle 21.Brocade Screen Vine 22.Osmanthus 23.Euphorbia grandiflora 24.Euphorbia grandiflora 25.Kiwifruit 26.Trumpet Creeper

[Interesting Science] What, plants also have a “nervous system”? !

We know that animals have nervous systems, so they can sense the surrounding environment and carry out activities such as foraging, hunting, migration, and courtship. However, it is generally believed that plants do not have a brain or central nervous system and are limited by their own immobility, so they cannot “take action” when facing … Read more

Take you to make specimens – plants

Plant specimen making process The plant specimen we often refer to refers to the specimen made by pressing fresh plant materials with absorbent paper to dry them and then binding them on paper. This type of specimen is the most common form of plant specimens – wax leaf specimens, also known as pressed specimens. This … Read more