What magical abilities do plants have that you don’t know about?

According to Jack C Schultz, plants are “just very slow-moving animals”. This is not a misunderstanding of basic biology. Schultz is a professor in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia, USA. He has spent four decades studying the interactions between plants and insects. He knows his work inside out. … Read more

10 kinds of health-preserving plants, favorites of old Chinese medicine practitioners, easy to maintain and very nourishing for people

Since this meme of soaking wolfberry in a warm cup has become popular, young people who did not keep in good health in the past have begun to follow the trend of keeping in good health. Punk health maintenance has become popular in the streets. But those who really want to keep healthy may wish … Read more

The world’s most exotic flowers are beyond your imagination. Come and have a look

▼Torch ginger ▼Cannonball tree ▼Blue gold lily ▼Small sundew ▼Ghost flower crystal orchid ▼Raspberry ▼White jade grass ▼Dragon beard orchid ▼Winged passionflower ▼Slender-leaved plum grass Monkey orchid Titan arum Slipper orchid Ghost orchid Datura Honeycomb ginger Flying duck orchid Holy Spirit orchid Luffa flower Big flowered violet berry Rafflesia Snail vine Grassland tobacco Kangaroo paw … Read more

Which vegetable oil is better?

Fried, pan-fried and other high-fat foods are crispy and delicious, and can easily conquer people’s senses and taste buds. But eating too much of these foods is obviously harmful to health. Residents need to control their daily intake of edible oil to 25-30 grams. However, this is not enough. 25-30 grams of edible oil does … Read more


It usually refers to the process in which green plants (including algae) absorb light energy, synthesize carbon dioxide and water into energy-rich organic matter, and release oxygen at the same time. It mainly includes two stages: light reaction and dark reaction, involving important reaction steps such as light absorption, electron transfer, photosynthetic phosphorylation, and carbon … Read more