How long is the lifespan of seeds?

The life span of plant seeds varies greatly. Some short-lived seeds, such as willows, will lose their ability to germinate in just one week under open air. What’s more, a desert plant, Haloxylon ammodendron, will die within a few hours under natural conditions once it matures. However, if it encounters a little water, it will … Read more

The mystery of plant lifespan

How long is the lifespan of plants? This is still a mystery. People often say: “It is hard to wait for the iron tree to bloom in a lifetime.” In fact, the lifespan of the iron tree is not long. Among the common plants we see, fungi have the shortest lifespan, followed by rice, corn, … Read more

How many common aquatic plants do you know?

The most common types of background grass in our aquatic plant landscape are: red willow, blood orchid, small opposite leaves, Newton, big red leaves, fine-leaved water celery, snowflake grass, etc. Next, we will introduce more aquatic plants to you. Blood orchid Dicotyledonous plant, aquatic water grass. Water grass has lanceolate leaves, cross-opposed, the leaf surface … Read more

International Day for Plant Health, 12 May

Plants are life – they provide 80% of our food and 98% of our oxygen. However, international travel and trade can lead to the introduction and spread of plant pests to new areas. Invasive alien pests are one of the main causes of biodiversity loss, threatening the delicate web of life that our planet depends … Read more

5 kinds of “delicious flowers” that can be seen and eaten, and can be used to make tea and cakes. They are very practical

Flower growers always worry about what flowers to grow. Today I will introduce to you several flowers that can be seen and eaten. These flowers are not only beautiful and fragrant, but also edible. They can be said to be very practical flowers. Below I will list 5 kinds for your collection.First, mint Mint (Mentha) … Read more

Do you know the world’s top ten primeval forests?

March 21 International Day of Forests The theme of the 2022 International Day of Forests is “Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption” This theme is intended to call for the choice of sustainable wood for people and the earth, and to help people understand how sustainable production and consumption of forest resources can help us … Read more

When you encounter injustice, depression and despair, learn from these plants to survive and resist tenaciously

Many people think: We humans have already taken control of nature, we can do whatever we want and change the laws of nature, but in the inconspicuous corners, the shocking vitality of these creatures still continues, which amazes usNone of us likes setbacks, but when we encounter unfair treatment, do we accept it or resist … Read more